Snowy Range, Wyoming


Walking along the closed road at Mirror Lake

Last weekend we took a short overnight trip to Wyoming’s Snowy Range. I posted about this place previously as we traveled through it on our way back from floats on the North Platte River. This always seemed like an unusual place for Continue reading

North Platte River – Kayak/Canoe, 2019


As noted in my previous post about our July float on the Gunnison River, the water levels were late in falling to what we call normal water flow levels. The North Platte River was higher than normal, but it looked like a low enough level so we gave it a try (about 1050 cfs). Like the Gunnison it seems to smooth out and actually Continue reading

Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017


Partial eclipse as viewed from our hill in Wyoming (Photo courtesy of Jeff Gross)

Some months ago I posted a description of a scouting trip for the then upcoming solar eclipse. Well, as most people know, it happened on Monday, August 21st. It was quite an event. A couple of guys I know were all over this thing and   Continue reading

Scouting for the August Eclipse in . . . Wyoming


This last weekend I joined some other guys on a scouting trip in Wyoming. A full solar eclipse will be over the US this August and not all that far from Colorado, so they wanted to go and have a look around to see what we might do for accommodations. As it is, all of the hotels and state park campsites are already booked, so the   Continue reading

Ayers Natural Bridge Park, Wyoming


I took a trip with some friends this last weekend (April 22nd/23rd) up to Wyoming to scout some areas for the upcoming solar eclipse. While there we stopped at Ayres Natural Bridge Park which is northwest of Glendo. You can get there via Interstate Highway 25 (I-25) and exit 151. The park is not very large, but it wasn’t very busy, so it was quite pleasant.

It has a very classic looking natural arch or bridge. La Prele Creek runs right under it and had it been warmer,   Continue reading

North Platte River – Foote to Ft. Steele – Wyoming


Calm water on the North Platte River, Wyoming

Two years ago I floated the North Platte River between the Foote put-in (North of Saratoga) and the I-80 take-out at the Fort Steele takeout. This year I was invited to float it again with one of the same guys as last time, and his youngest son, and another guy and his youngest son, for a three-day, two night trip on the river. Check out my previous post for additional information.  This year the water flow was   Continue reading

Southern Wyoming . . . Seriously?

I don’t think it’s a secret that there are mountains in southern Wyoming, but I was surprised to see how green it can be just 30 miles, or so, west of Laramie in the Medicine Bow Mountains and the Snowy Range.  After our departure from the town of Saratoga, after our North Platte River trip (see previous blog post), we continued our trip on WY-130 heading east towards Laramie.

Our first stop was at Lake Marie. As you can see from the photos there is snow on those peaks in late July. There are two parking areas at either end of the lake and we stopped at the one further west. There were plenty of visitors and the parking area was nearly full.

View at Lake Marie Parking Area

View at Lake Marie Parking Area

Lake Marie

Lake Marie

WY-130 at Lake Marie

WY-130 at Lake Marie

Further east is a sort of rock   Continue reading

Upper North Platte River Float – Wyoming

The Colorado, Green, White and Gunnison rivers are all rivers close to home and good for multi-day float trips. However, there is one other river with similar characteristics which the other river rats have floated but, I had not . . . the North Platte River. The North Platte River section they float, in Wyoming, begins north of Saratoga and ends at Interstate Highway, I-80. Take a look at the Upper North Platte River Float Map for more information. The listed brochure also has some good detailed information. You’ll especially want to note the boundaries of private and public land. As is typical in southern Wyoming, there is a checkerboard pattern   Continue reading

Wyoming, September 2013 – Pronghorn Hunt

Since 1992 I try to head up to Wyoming to go antelope (pronghorn) hunting. Hunters are required to apply for licenses, so I don’t draw every year. Lately, I’ve been pretty successful in the draw, and the hunt. There is a saying we like to say about Wyoming that goes, “There’s only two things in Wyoming . .  wind and antelope”. For the last few years we were fortunate to avoid the wind part of that saying, however this year it was back with a vengeance. We camp in a 12×14 foot canvas wall tent with no floor. There were times I was surprised that the tent was still standing.

Windy Wyoming

Windy Wyoming

All three of my sons made it up to Wyoming this year and it made for an enjoyable trip. It is quite interesting to see how they act in the middle of nowhere Wyoming without TVs, sports, video games and even cell service. Free from those distractions, we have some interesting conversations and I’m quite pleased with how they’re growing into men.

The plains of Wyoming are the kind of place many people would love to skip. Admittedly, there’s not a lot out there, but somehow I find the place wonderful. I was saddened to see wind turbines erected just 5 or so miles south of my long-time hunting area. Sure. It’s got to be a good place for the things, given the windiness of the area, but it literally made my stomach hurt when I saw them for the first time. Progress . . . .

Wyoming Plains

Wyoming Plains

Overall, it was a very nice trip. Our group was 2 for 4.

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