Macey Lakes – Backpacking – 2016


View around Upper Macey Lake (west)

My two older sons planned a backpacking trip for this summer to Macey Lakes and I was invited along. We were there together a few years ago and I was there last summer but it’s become a favorite spot. The hiking distance from the Horn Creek trailhead/parking area to the lower lake is longer than other trails nearby and I think the distance   Continue reading


Venable Lakes – Backpacking, 2013

Two former co-workers and I arrived at the Comanche/Venable trailhead parking lot, which is close to Westcliffe, Colorado in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. I like to use the Sky Terrain topo map for this area as it has the trails clearly marked with brief descriptions and estimated hiking miles, elevation gain, etc. The backpacking hike begins here at 9,500 feet. I’ve backpacked here several times and it has always been a good trip. If you like to hike, you can hike to the lakes, but you can also continue past the lakes and hike over Venable pass to the west side of   Continue reading