Coleman 290 Powerhouse Lantern


Coleman 290 Powerhouse lantern

In my previous post about the Coleman 290A lantern that I bought back in 1987, I mentioned that I wondered about what made it different form the Coleman 290. When I thought more about it, I wondered if a long-time friend who I suspected had a similar lantern might have a 290 just waiting for me to fix it up. Well, it turns out Continue reading

Coleman 290A Powerhouse Lantern


My first lantern and stove

Way back in the 1980’s, after my wife and I got married, we decided to go backpacking. At the time we lived in southern California and decided to go to the San Jacinto Wilderness by way of the tram in Palm Springs. I didn’t know much about backpacking and when I went shopping I figured I’d need a stove and a lantern. I picked out a Coleman model 400A Peak 1 stove, and although it seems silly Continue reading

Coleman 275A Lantern


This week I picked up another Coleman 275A lantern along with a 1967 AFM MilSpec lantern from a local seller. It was an odd purchase because I responded to an ad showing a photo of a MilSpec box, but when I got there the seller Continue reading

Coleman 400 Peak 1 Stove


A pair of 400 stoves (1980 and 1982)

I’ve used a Coleman Model 400A Peak 1 stove for most of my backpacking since 1987, but when I had an opportunity to get a 400 stove, the 400A’s predecessor, I thought I’d get it and see what makes it different. I found the stove locally with a Continue reading

Optimus 323 Pack Stove – Rebuild


Roughly 6 months ago I bought an Optimus International 323 backpacking stove. I believe this is a stove from the 1970’s, however, I cannot find much information about it. The size is similar to the brown Coleman 400 stove from that same era. Not knowing much about it I figured it would be interesting to have a close look at this design. I studied the auction photos and it was clear that something was leaking as the plastic knobs were partially melted and was likely on fire Continue reading