Snowshoeing Old Monarch Pass


Back on December 29th, 2016 (6 weeks ago . . . already!), some family visitors wanted to ski and snowboard at Monarch Mountain Ski and Snowboard Area, but Lisa and I wanted to go snowshoeing instead. So, while they hit the slopes, we drove a little further up the highway towards Monarch Pass to the parking area and   Continue reading


Macey Lakes – Backpacking – 2016


View around Upper Macey Lake (west)

My two older sons planned a backpacking trip for this summer to Macey Lakes and I was invited along. We were there together a few years ago and I was there last summer but it’s become a favorite spot. The hiking distance from the Horn Creek trailhead/parking area to the lower lake is longer than other trails nearby and I think the distance   Continue reading

Mueller State Park Ponds

A few weeks ago, on Valentine’s Day, we went to Cripple Creek to check out the annual ice sculpture display. Unfortunately, it was rather warm and the displays were either melting, covered or just beginning to be worked on. It seems like it might be a nice event, though there was one part of the display area which was supported by a DJ and an immensely agitating sound system. Not sure why the event planner thought that was a good idea, but it made quite a negative impression and I doubt I’ll make an effort to return next year. But, that’s not the point of my blog today. I haven’t written in quite a while, though I have been busy. I’ve managed to get   Continue reading