Eleven Mile – Trails, and quick trip to Brush Hollow

We were struggling with the decision of what to do yesterday. The weather forecast didn’t look promising, but we wanted to get outdoors. Go for a hike or load up the boats and go paddling. Lisa doesn’t enjoy paddling in strong winds so a hike would be okay. But, if it turned out the weather was nice when we arrived at our destination paddling would be nice, maybe even in addition to a hike.

I’ve been going to Eleven Mile State Park for years. It has a large reservoir and some relatively short hiking trails, in addition to lots of camp sites, including a backcountry camping area. Every time I’ve been there I’ve thought about hiking the trails but always end up doing something else. On Saturday,   Continue reading

Colorado Spingtime Kayaking – Brush Hollow and Eleven Mile

Last weekend I went kayaking/fishing in Brush Hollow Reservoir near Penrose, Colorado, and yesterday, I went to Eleven Mile Reservoir near Lake George, Colorado.

I prefer to use my CLC Mill Creek 13 for fishing and river trips, but when I’m just out to paddle I use the sleeker/faster CLC Chesapeake 17LT. I built both of these boats myself (see previous posts).

For both trips I followed the popular wisdom of, “When heading out in small boats, dress for the water temperature, not the air temperature”. The water in Brush Hollow was cool so, I wore mostly neoprene, however the water at Eleven Mile was quite cold so I wore neoprene gloves, sea hood, top, pants, and boots and then added a dry top and dry pants over that. I was warm.

Dressed for cold water at Eleven Mile Reservoir

Dressed for cold water at Eleven Mile Reservoir

Brush Hollow is a State Wildlife Area and is pretty small. The water   Continue reading