Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Lisa and I left the Kayak Chicago architecture tour (see previous post) and headed back towards Naperville via I-290 when we saw a sign for the Frank Lloyed Wright Home and Studio and thought, “Hey! We’ve never done that either! Let’s go.” It’s right off of Harlem Ave on Chicago Avenue . . . a couple of blocks east.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but since I like woodworking and have some of that similar-style furniture in my home (some of which I’ve built myself) we found it interesting. Apparently, Wright used his primary residence, at this time period (late 1800’s early 1900’s) to experiment and develop his Prairie Style homes. Along the way he added a studio.

The Wright kids had a nice playroom

The Wright kids had a nice playroom

I had to pay $5 extra to be allowed to take photos   Continue reading

Added fireplace photos

I added three photos from the fireplace remodel (check them out in the photo album area) . The fireplace start photo is just as I was getting started, the fireplace work photo is of course the work in progress, and the now photo was taken just a few weeks ago. Most of the work was done over a year ago, but I never took a photo of the nearly complete cabinets. Definitely a neat project.

We were all painting the interior this weekend. I painted the ceiling on Saturday, and most of the walls on Sunday. We moved the furniture back into the painted room and ordered some pizza and watched a movie tonight. Boy do things look different. We would like to wrap up the painting this week and get going on the floor.