Climbing – Independence Day, 2013

I went climbing today, since it is a holiday, with my two younger sons (19 and 21) at an indoor climbing center. I began climbing a couple years ago, but hadn’t done much over the last 18 months. It was a struggle and my hands are really sore. My sons are ridiculously strong and I was impressed with the ease at which they climb.
I need to get stronger and it wouldn’t hurt if I lost 20 pounds either. My left arm is weaker than my right and I’m finding that most all of the problems seemed to move to the right, meaning I need to pull up with my left to reach with my right . . . very difficult. My 21-year-old is very good at teaching technique, when asked, and gave me few pointers which also helped me get past a few problem areas. Still, it was challenging and a good workout.

Canyonlands Green River Canoe Trip

This summer I planned a June canoe/kayak trip down the Green River in Utah. We took five days and four nights to travel between Mineral Bottom and the Confluence with the Colorado River. There were nine of us this year, which included my three sons, my 78 year-old father, a co-worker friend and another father and his two sons.
The Green River through Stillwater canyon was Continue reading

Castle Rock Soccer match

This week the U13 team took on the Castle Rock Elite soccer team. The outcome was only marginally better than last week, losing 7-1. At least the other team was mostly our size. We’re leaving un-marked opponents at the top of the penalty area who are taking open shots, and a few guys on offense are holding the ball too long and stalling our attack.

7th Grade Band Concert

Thursday May 10th was Paul’s end of the school year 7th Grade Band Concert. It was pretty good, especially the Pirates of the Carribbean song. They also played their contest songs. Two were quite good and two I didn’t care for much. Overall, good sound and pleasant to listen to. The 7th grade band sports 40 trumpets . . . gotta love that.

Poppin’ Caps

Well, I shot my first two rounds of trap today at the shooting range. In the first round I shot a 21 and in the second I shot a 20. Not too bad considering I was shooting so poorly last summer. We’re not in the league, though we discussed it. For now, it’s just to get out, pop a few caps, have a beer and talk about work . . . or boating . . . or backpacking. Several of these guys are my hunting and backpacking buddies.

Grand Junction Soccer

We traveled to Grand Junction last Friday night to play the U13 soccer team. We had hopes to get out of there by losing by only a few goals. Instead we got killed 10-0. Ouch! Nobody was happy traveling that far to get our butt’s kicked. Our opponent was a Premier level team which dropped to Classic and we were a 4-6-0 Challenge I team which moved up to Classic. Not a good combination. They were big AND fast. We looked like were playing in the wrong age group as they had 13 players at about 5’4″. You can see Paul in the photo, he is the smaller guy in the red shirt. His teammate, Jaxon, is probably the biggest kid on the team. Look at how big the blue team was.

Titanic sails again!!

Joshua’s drafting class had to make watercraft out of cardboard and duct tape. Joshua and a classmate decided to make the Titanic. They put them in the swimming pool and then race them against other boats . . . by getting in them and paddling! In his race, the Titanic raced the SS Minnow. The minnow won by a bunch as they had trouble keeping the three pieces of the Titanic together for the whole race.