Coleman 222A Peak 1 Lantern

222A Lantern

Recently, I picked up a Coleman 222A lantern. It was made 1 month before my trusty 400A backpacking stove which I’ve been using since I bought it new back in 1987. When it arrived, I looked it over and it was in excellent condition, especially considering it is 30 years old. I tied on a mantle, turned it to ash, added fuel and it lit right up. After a minute or so I saw fuel leaking around the valve, so I  Continue reading


Sand Creek Lakes (mis?)Adventure – 2017



Wildflowers along trail between Music Pass and Upper Sand Creek Lake

One nice and relatively easy backpacking trip is the one to either of the Sand Creek Lakes in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains when approached from Music pass. You will likely want a 4×4 to get to the trail-head as the road can get pretty rough in spots. We went the weekend of June 24th/25th, arriving at the trailhead on   Continue reading

Macey Lakes – Backpacking – 2016


View around Upper Macey Lake (west)

My two older sons planned a backpacking trip for this summer to Macey Lakes and I was invited along. We were there together a few years ago and I was there last summer but it’s become a favorite spot. The hiking distance from the Horn Creek trailhead/parking area to the lower lake is longer than other trails nearby and I think the distance   Continue reading

Cold-weather Single-Burner Stoves

It seems like all of the stoves I have work reasonably well in warm weather. As I’ve gathered more stoves I began wondering which ones worked best in cold weather and whether or not some were even suitable for cold weather use. The stoves I’ve tested here are all white gas capable, some are equipped with spirit cups (pre-heat cups), one is capable of burning white gas, kerosene and propane/butane, and some have separate fuel tanks. But overall, Continue reading

Macey Lakes – 2015, Backpacking

I just realized that, much to my surprise, I have not posted about my previous Macey Lakes trips. I was last there several years ago with Joshua and Luke. Prior to that we backpacked in there in June and the area still had plenty of snow, so we always camped lower, about a mile from the lower lake.

Joshua and Luke on the previous trip to Macy Lakes

Joshua and Luke on the previous trip to Macey Lakes

This weekend Jeff and Troy and I backpacked to lower Macey Lake and hiked to, and fished, the two upper lakes.  This is a 6 mile trek which took 4 hours to hike in and 2-1/2 hours to hike out. I wanted to drive since   Continue reading

Venable Lakes Backpacking – 2015

Summer is in full swing, so we know it’s time to go backpacking. It’s always a lot of work, however, once I’m out there I remember why I like going so much, and then wonder why I don’t go more often. Jeff and I had a short conversation about a trip for the weekend while playing the weekly street hockey game on Wednesday. We decided to head out after work on Friday. Venable Lakes seemed like a good choice.

Arriving at the Comanche/Venable Trailhead around 8PM, we hiked up the trail to camp in the nearby forest (camping is not allowed at the parking area). That way, in the morning, we could return to parking area to pick up our items left in the cooler.

Our low-elevation, evening camp not too far from the Comanche/Venable parking area

Our low-elevation, evening camp not too far from the Comanche/Venable parking area

In the morning we made a quick breakfast, packed up   Continue reading

Rabbit Ears Peak – Hiking

Jeff and I were considering going backpacking in the Sangre de Cristo mountains last weekend, but the report from the forest service worker at the Wescliffe Work Center said that there was still quite a bit of snow up there. So, we changed plans and instead drove up to the Rabbit Ears Pass area between Kremling and Steamboat Springs on Friday evening. I hadn’t been in there before so we spent a couple of days hiking and camping.

We arrived around 10PM and camped in a large open area near Newcomb Creek. We setup our tents, discussed some plans for the following day and went to bed. The following morning we packed up, made the short drive over to the Newcomb Creek trailhead and headed out.

Newcomb Creek Trail, entering Mt. Zirkel Wilderness

Newcomb Creek Trail, entering Mt. Zirkel Wilderness

With all of the snow and rain this spring, the grasses were tall   Continue reading