Coleman 222B Lantern – Rebuild


222B Lantern, 1991 model

How many lanterns can I get? Well, since I already have a 222, 222A, 226 and 229, I figured I should get a 222B. Why not, if the right deal comes along? I picked up a 222B recently and like my other lanterns in the 222 series I tore it down right away. The newer liquid fuel lanterns, and by new I mean since the late 1970’s, use O-rings for seals so, I don’t waste any time hoping that the seals are still good and won’t leak when I first light them up so I just replace them. Safety first, on these little lanterns.

The tear-down is similar to the 222 lantern and the 222A and also the 226 lantern. Go to the links provided for more reference if needed. They all use similar Fluorosilicone and Viton  O-rings, so by now I’ve got a supply of these and can change them out quickly. I disassembled the lantern from top to bottom and replace the seals.


222B Valve Assembly

I reassembled the valve without any sealer because this model uses a Viton O-ring between the F/A tube and the valve body. When I reinstall the valve body into the fount I use a thread sealer instead of a thread locker, though I believe Coleman used a thread locker here as well.


222B Valve assembled

I checked the pump cup and it needed to be replaced. So I swapped it for a new one. The neoprene pump cups are all the same on the 222, 222A, 222B, 226 and 229 lanterns, however, this 1991 model still had the metal pump cap. Future models (i.e later 222B, 226 and 229) have a plastic pump cap.


1991 222B pump cap is still metal

Once reassembled, I installed the mantle and burned it in and tried to light the lantern. It didn’t light. Hmmm . . . what was wrong with this one? I pulled off the top again and removed the generator. When I opened the valve, I had fuel coming out, so it appeared to be the generator. I cleaned the generator pretty well, or so I thought, but upon closer inspection I could see that the wire tip was bent. How did this happen? I straightened it out without breaking it, thankfully, and then tried to push it through the generator tip. I wouldn’t go. I grabbed another cleaning needle from an old WWII 520 stove and cleaned it a little and also used a small rolled-up piece of brass mesh to clean the generator tip from the threaded end. Eventually, I could see light through it. It was pretty clogged and no doubt this is what caused the wire to bend. I tried the cleaning tip from the 222B generator again and now it passed through the opening.

I reinstalled the generator and carefully added back the burner (recall that I already burned-in the mantle which makes it rather fragile), and tried again. This time it worked correctly and lit nicely. I guess I was in too much of a hurry and forgot to check one thing. Lesson learned? We’ll see.


222B working properly

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