Sleeping Pads – Backpacking


I began backpacking in 1987 on a trip with my wife in the San Jacinto Wilderness in California. This was the trip where, prior to going, I bought my Coleman 400A Peak 1 camp stove which I still use today and my Coleman 290 Powerhouse lantern which I also still use. Believe it or not, I carried a full size lantern in my backpack on that trip. I’ve learned a lot since then. Somewhere around Continue reading

Macey Lakes – Backpacking, 2019


Ahhh . . . Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Sometimes, I daydream about hiking there. If you’ve read my previous blog posts about backpacking you know that I like to go there more than other places. Typically, due to past trips early in June, we don’t go backpacking until at least the third week of June because there is snow above 10,000 feet and the lakes can still be icy, but when the boys asked me to go backpacking on Father’s Day weekend I knew I must live up to my own maxim of “Don’t let the weather run your life.” It’s been a snowy winter and spring in Colorado Continue reading