Coleman Exponent 445A Stove

445A Stove

Coleman Exponent 445A Stove

A couple of years ago I saw a good condition Coleman Exponent 445A stove on Craigslist for a pretty low price. At that time, all of my single burner stoves had permanently attached fuel tanks, so I was curious about this type of stove with the separate tank and I bought it. I read through the start-up instructions, configured the fuel tube per the instructions and gave it a go. It lit right up and all seemed fine.

The next weekend I took it along on a camping/kayaking trip to use outdoors on the campground picnic table.  I used it for dinner and all went well. When I was done I put it away for the night. The following morning I planned Continue reading

Collecting . . . Why?


A few beer cans from my old collection

Do you have a collection of anything? I’ve got a collection of old camp stoves, and some old lanterns, too. When I was a kid I collected baseball cards, key-chains I bought on family vacations and beer cans. I still have some of all of those. In a previous blog post I wrote about old things and asked, “Are new things better?”, and that got me thinking about collecting. People seem to look at me with disbelief when I tell them I have over forty antique camp stoves. “What do you do with them?”, they ask, or Continue reading

Are new things better?

Are new things better?

There are two sayings which are almost the same:

They don’t make ’em like they used to“, implying old things are/were better.

And . . .

They don’t make ’em like they used to, and that’s a good thing.”, meaning that old things weren’t necessarily as good as some people seem to think because Continue reading

1943 Aladdin M-1942 Wheel Stove

Restored wheel stove

1943 Aladdin M-1942 Wheel Stove

The Aladdin M-1942 “wheel” stove . . . rare, weird, only made in 1943. In a previous post titled The M-1942 Mountain Stove, I provided a little background for the life of the single burner, M-1942 stove. It had two variants, the “wheel” stove and the MOD-ified. Last year (March 2017) I acquired a “wheel” stove model and while I was excited to finally get one I quickly discovered I was in for some work.

The wheel stove shares some similarities with its successor, the MOD, but it is limited to the tank, the windscreen/pot support and the pump. My stove arrived with failed graphite packings old gaskets and Continue reading