25th Annual Turkey Bowl – 2017


This year I organized my 25th consecutive flag football game which is played the day after Thanksgiving Day. Seems weird . . . twenty-five years in a row. Anyway, we had fourteen-plus players and had beautiful weather. As always, Mike, the only  Continue reading

Coleman 222A Peak 1 Lantern

222A Lantern

Recently, I picked up a Coleman 222A lantern. It was made 1 month before my trusty 400A backpacking stove which I’ve been using since I bought it new back in 1987. When it arrived, I looked it over and it was in excellent condition, especially considering it is 30 years old. I tied on a mantle, turned it to ash, added fuel and it lit right up. After a minute or so I saw fuel leaking around the valve, so I  Continue reading