Ayers Natural Bridge Park, Wyoming


I took a trip with some friends this last weekend (April 22nd/23rd) up to Wyoming to scout some areas for the upcoming solar eclipse. While there we stopped at Ayres Natural Bridge Park which is northwest of Glendo. You can get there via Interstate Highway 25 (I-25) and exit 151. The park is not very large, but it wasn’t very busy, so it was quite pleasant.

It has a very classic looking natural arch or bridge. La Prele Creek runs right under it and had it been warmer,   I think it would have been nice to wade right through it.


View of natural bridge from first parking area

There is a marked trail which will lead you to the top. It is an easy walk, and the top is wide enough to feel stable.

Ayers Bridge top

View from atop the natural bridge

On the other side of the bridge there are some rather large picnic grounds with pavilions and BBQ grills. In fact, there were several places around the park which looked like they could seat lots of people.


View of the picnic ground near the bridge

There is an old power station on the property which you drive by on the way into the park and is in view from the top.


View of the power station from atop the bridge

The creek and the cliffs provide and nice view for picnickers. There were at least two swings there, so I decided to give them a try. I haven’t done that in a while.


We went and investigated the old power station. I’ll bet it was quite an investment back in 1900 when it was built.


The Old Power House

I thought the park had some interesting trees. I don’t know what kind they were, but they had these unusual seed/leaf pods . . . or whatever they are.


Over all it is a very nice place to visit. If I travel through the area again, especially around mid-day, I’d like to stop. I think it would be a nice place to have lunch, especially after the trees have leafed out.


This sign was closer to I-25 than it was to the park


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