Grand Lake – Kayaking


Grand Lake, Colorado

Lisa and I attended a wedding over the July 4th, Independence Day weekend for a niece in Grand Lake, Colorado. Given that the wedding was on Saturday at 4PM, we brought along two kayaks, planning to paddle around on Saturday and Sunday, before    returning home.

In the morning, we met some of my family to hike/walk to Adams Falls near the east inlet of Grand Lake.


Adams Falls near the east inlet

After the falls we hiked up the trail for another 15 minutes or so and then returned to our vehicles and went to lunch.


Sister Sue (r-front), Lisa (back) and me above Adams Falls

We grabbed some lunch at Sloopy’s and headed back to our cabin at the Grand Lake Lodge  and ate lunch with my father and his wife and my brother Dave and his wife. After a bit we began thinking that we really could get in some paddling on the lake before the wedding at 4PM. I mean, isn’t there always at least a little time to put a boat in the water and paddle around for a bit?

To be efficient, we launched in the tandem Mill Creek 16.5. There are lots of houses on this lake and plenty of boat houses as well.


Old wooden runabouts are cool

And, some with integrated boat houses and houses.


House and boat house in one . . . nice

Before long we needed to head back and get ready for the wedding. It wasn’t a long paddle but we were glad we went. It began raining as we loaded the boat back on top the Avalanche, but thankfully, it stopped in time for the wedding ceremony.

On Sunday morning we met up with my sister Cheryl and her family, and my baby sister Sue, so we could all go kayaking. Tom, Cheryl’s husband, rented a tandem, so five of us could go together.


Tom, Sue, Miles, Gabby (left to right) on Grand Lake

Later on, two of my oldest sister Cathy’s daughters and families joined us as it was turning out to be a good paddling day. The lake got really busy by mid-day and I don’t know if it is typically this busy during the summer or just on holiday weekends, but I’ve never been on a lake with this much traffic. Sail boats were racing, speed boats and jet-skis were buzzing about, while kayaks and paddle boats littered the areas close to shore.


Sue (standing) and Jordan (sitting) as I provide a little instruction



Jordan and husband Michael cruising along

For lunch we went to The Rapids.  If you go to Grand Lake, check out this place. We ordered some sandwiches to go and they were great! Being so close to some rapids makes it a nice place to eat lunch, too.

There was a little more boating after lunch, some heavy rain for 20 minutes or so, and when we left town it was just drizzling off and on until we got to Winter Park, where we began our ascent to Berthoud pass, and it got dry and sunny.


The Continental Divide at Berthoud Pass, Colorado


Some nice views atop Berthoud Pass with the sunshine

The drive back home was pleasant with relatively little traffic. Overall, a great weekend!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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