Catamount Ranch, Open Space hike

I picked up Jeff and his Golden, Zeke today for a hike in Mueller State Park. When I arrived at Jeff’s house he reminded me that dogs are not allowed on trails in the park since it is a birthing and wintering place for elk and big horns sheep. So, he suggested Catamount Ranch, Open space.


Trail sign at Catamount Ranch, Open Space

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Cold-weather Single-Burner Stoves

It seems like all of the stoves I have work reasonably well in warm weather. As I’ve gathered more stoves I began wondering which ones worked best in cold weather and whether or not some were even suitable for cold weather use. The stoves I’ve tested here are all white gas capable, some are equipped with spirit cups (pre-heat cups), one is capable of burning white gas, kerosene and propane/butane, and some have separate fuel tanks. But overall, Continue reading