Colorado Spingtime Kayaking – Brush Hollow and Eleven Mile

Last weekend I went kayaking/fishing in Brush Hollow Reservoir near Penrose, Colorado, and yesterday, I went to Eleven Mile Reservoir near Lake George, Colorado.

I prefer to use my CLC Mill Creek 13 for fishing and river trips, but when I’m just out to paddle I use the sleeker/faster CLC Chesapeake 17LT. I built both of these boats myself (see previous posts).

For both trips I followed the popular wisdom of, “When heading out in small boats, dress for the water temperature, not the air temperature”. The water in Brush Hollow was cool so, I wore mostly neoprene, however the water at Eleven Mile was quite cold so I wore neoprene gloves, sea hood, top, pants, and boots and then added a dry top and dry pants over that. I was warm.

Dressed for cold water at Eleven Mile Reservoir

Dressed for cold water at Eleven Mile Reservoir

Brush Hollow is a State Wildlife Area and is pretty small. The water   Continue reading