Mueller State Park Ponds

A few weeks ago, on Valentine’s Day, we went to Cripple Creek to check out the annual ice sculpture display. Unfortunately, it was rather warm and the displays were either melting, covered or just beginning to be worked on. It seems like it might be a nice event, though there was one part of the display area which was supported by a DJ and an immensely agitating sound system. Not sure why the event planner thought that was a good idea, but it made quite a negative impression and I doubt I’ll make an effort to return next year. But, that’s not the point of my blog today. I haven’t written in quite a while, though I have been busy. I’ve managed to get  out to go pheasant hunting several times, gone on a goose hunt, hiking, snowshoeing and as you might expect, based on previous posts, I’ve been busy indoors working on old stoves. I just haven’t felt like writing anything, so I tip my hat to all you bloggers who can post regularly.

After that less than ideal morning in Cripple Creek, Lisa and I stopped at Mueller State Park on the way back to the Springs and hiked the School Pond trail. There wasn’t a lot of snow, but more than expected, and the snowshoes might have helped, but it was still a pleasant hike. One of the things to note about Colorado’s Front Range is that December, January and February don’t win as the snowiest month. It’s March. And, today being nearly March (February 28th) we had some decent snow this last week.

Valentine's Day 2015 at Mueller State Park

Valentine’s Day 2015 at Mueller State Park

So, here we are, two weekends past Valentine’s Day, and the conditions are quite a bit different. For this trip we skipped the drive to Cripple Creek and went right to Mueller. Inside the state park, and past the Visitor’s Center there is a small parking area at the Peak View Pond trailhead, with a sign and map.

Peak View Pond Trail Head

Peak View Pond Trailhead

Brilliant sunshine and a light breeze, it was perfect.

Getting started down the trail

Getting started down the trail, with Sentinel Peak in the background. Pike’s Peak is behind it.

We passed up the short trail to the Peak View Pond and continued on to trail 18. Surprisingly, no one else had been down that trail to the north so we cut fresh tracks.

Fresh snow while heading north on Trail 18, the Elk Meadow Trail

Fresh snow while heading north on Trail 18, the Elk Meadow Trail

There are some wide-open areas on Trail 18

There are some wide-open areas on Trail 18

On the return hike we stopped a the Peak View Pond . . . or ice sheet, and then headed back to the truck. On this trip I remembered to to fuel up one of my old stoves. This one was the M1942 stove made in 1945 similar to the one shown in previous posts. I’ve been told that this stove is called the “mountain stove” as it was supposedly used by US Army’s 10th Mountain Division during WWII. The stove is dated 1-1945. Huh, so guess it’s now 70 years old and still quite usable! That’s pretty cool. We boiled water to make some tea and ate some cookies Lisa made this week. Very nice. It was rather warm and I needed to remove my coat at one point.

Making good use of the M1942 Mountain Stove

Making good use of the M1942 Mountain Stove

It was a really fantastic day to be out in the woods and snow with Lisa.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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