A Neat Toy or a Mechanical Breadboard?

If you’ve been in the electronics field for a decade or more, you will likely have encountered a breadboard at some point.  Back when I was young I used them frequently, though newer electronic integrated circuit packages do not make it easy to do this, nor does the wiring limitations of the higher clocking frequencies of digital logic. The purpose of a breadboard is to enable the user   Continue reading

An Old-School Single-burner Stove Gathering

I had planned to go kayaking today but I woke up with a headache this morning. While waiting for it to go away I decided to gather up my stoves up for a photo. I began buying them last summer and worked on them this winter. Today is a 70 degree, sunny mid-March day, so, why not. I will also add that all but one are in functional condition and I’ve been using them on camping and hiking trips.

First up are my 1941 American (AGM), two Coleman 520s and 530 stoves. The 1944, brass tank Coleman still needs to be reassembled but the others are complete. Note that the nickel-plated brass stove on the right is Coleman’s post-war “GI Pocket Stove” version of the WWII stove (it wasn’t used by the military, nor would that thing fit in any of my pockets). The nickel finish was also present on their original 1941 stove for the military. In 1942 they moved to painted steel tanks.

Left to right, AGM 1941, 1943 Coleman 520, 1944 Coleman 520, 1946 (B46) Coleman 530

Left to right, AGM 1941, 1943 Coleman 520, 1944 Coleman 520, 1946 (B46) Coleman 530

Next up are the Prentiss-Waber M1942 stoves, both made in 1945. Some people call these the Mountain Stove as it was used by the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division in WWII. Many people comment that this was the best single-burner stove. I’m not completely sure I agree as I have   Continue reading

Mueller State Park Ponds

A few weeks ago, on Valentine’s Day, we went to Cripple Creek to check out the annual ice sculpture display. Unfortunately, it was rather warm and the displays were either melting, covered or just beginning to be worked on. It seems like it might be a nice event, though there was one part of the display area which was supported by a DJ and an immensely agitating sound system. Not sure why the event planner thought that was a good idea, but it made quite a negative impression and I doubt I’ll make an effort to return next year. But, that’s not the point of my blog today. I haven’t written in quite a while, though I have been busy. I’ve managed to get   Continue reading