Mold Your Own . . . Valve Knob

When I was a kid my father would embed stuff in plastic . . . coins, photos, sea shells, whatever. I never thought much about it until recently. If you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ve seen that I have become interested in fixing up old stoves. The fixing up old stuff comes from my father getting my brother and I involved in old Hudsons (for those who don’t know, Hudson, Nash and Rambler merged in the late 1950s to form American Motors a.k.a. AMC, makers of Jeeps and Eagle cars, Gremlins, Pacers, etc. which was then bought by Chrysler in the 1980s), while the stove part comes from my interest in backpacking.

Well, I bought some old M1950 stove tanks . . . and windscreens  . . . and valve parts  . . . and pumps from a guy not too far from here. However, he didn’t have any valve knobs. I looked around in stores to find something, heck anything, which would work, but nothing fit. I asked around online at places where people would have such things, that is, collector’s forums, people selling on ebay, etc. but nobody had them. In fact, one guy mentioned that if I did get some to let him know as he’d like to have some. “Wonderful”, I thought, “nobody has any”. What to do? Well, why not make my own?

The M1950 stove, valve knob

The M1950 stove, valve knob

Remembering back to my youth, I recalled my father using that two-part plastic which also seems to be called epoxy. I did some research   Continue reading