Old Single-burner Stove Paints and Colors

The Coleman and American 520 single-burner stove, used by the US Military during WWII, sometimes called the M1941, was manufactured between 1941 and 1945. The M1950 single-burner stove was manufactured from 1951 through 1987, was made by several companies, and was painted several different colors over the years. I’d prefer to repaint some of my stoves the original color, or at least a very close match, and this led to a search for correct colors. Of course, it’s a bit difficult to match the original exactly, because I have no idea how much fading has occurred in the last 60 years or so. Close will likely be as good as I can get. For other stoves, I plan to   Continue reading

Elk Camp 2014

“The difference between hunting and watching wildlife is the equivalent of being in a play versus watching the play in the audience. Hunting is participation in nature.” – Unknown

Paul, Taylor, Luke, Joshua, Steve (Jeff had already headed home)

Paul, Taylor, Luke, Joshua, Steve (Jeff had already headed home)

This year we had three old guys and three young guys hunting. Additionally, we had one guy who wasn’t hunting but wanted to “check it out”. He came out on Friday night and left on Sunday around noon. I brought my 12′ x 14′ wall tent, with wood stove, while Paul brought the camper. The whole week prior to the trip   Continue reading