Pretiss Waber M1942 Stove Rebuild

I mentioned some weeks ago that I may have a new hobby. What began as a curiosity based on some old military stoves my father owned when I was a kid has turned into regular searches on ebay for trashed-out stoves and lanterns and many evenings tinkering with my purchases in the garage. But, if I’m not building boats at the moment this seems like an interesting thing to do.

The Prentiss Waber M-1942-MOD

The Prentiss Waber M-1942-MOD “Mountain” Stove

A month ago I purchased two Prentiss Wabers M-1942-MOD(ified) “Mountain” Stoves. Both are dated, PW-1-45 (PW = Prentiss Wabers). These stoves were made collectively, I believe, by Coleman, Prentiss Wabers (a.k.a Preway) and Aladdin. When I received the first one, I was working on two other stoves, so I didn’t   Continue reading

Upper Sand Creek . . . for grouse

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I thought I might go back to the Music Pass/ Sand Creek lake area for grouse. Like, maybe . . . next year. Instead, I went back with Jeff this last weekend.

It was supposed to be a beautiful late-September weekend and, it didn’t disappoint. We headed out after work on Friday night and arrived a the lower parking/camping area around 9PM. It was quite nice, with warmer temps than   Continue reading

Music Pass – Upper Sand Creek Lake

Music Pass, Colorado

Music Pass, Colorado

A friend of mine went hunting up near Upper Sand Creek Lake last weekend. I told him I would meet him up there in case he needed any help. I asked around for people to join me and to my surprise Lisa agreed. This lake can be reached by hiking in from the Music Pass trailhead on the east side of the Sangre de Cristo Range. From Colorado Highway 69, south of Westcliffe, head south and follow the signs leaving the highway to Music Pass. At one point you’ll get into a moderate 4WD road where   Continue reading

A New Hobby?

Last summer I posted a short blog about repairing my workhorse backpacking stove, a 1987 Coleman 400A. This summer, as I was using it, I thought about two old single-burner stoves my father had when I was a kid. I used to play around with them and remember them quite well. Recently, I asked him about them and he told me that he got rid of them many years ago. So, I looked around on ebay and craigslist for   Continue reading

Hiking the Pikes Peak Crags


Went for a hike with Lisa and Jeff (and, his very friendly Golden Retriever, Zeke), on August 30th, to the Crags. This is a popular hiking trail on the northwest side of Pike’s Peak. It’s only a 3 mile round-trip and it’s not too strenuous so, it makes for a nice hike and not too far from home. It was perfect day for hiking with   Continue reading

Writing/Composing Music

BanjoBack in high school, I played a lot of music. I joined all of the music activities I could and practiced the trumpet for hours every day. By senior year I was burned out. Sure, I still listened to a lot of music, but I grew tired of playing. Sometime later I played in a band for a year or so. Then, off-and-on for the next ten years, I played just the guitar. In the 1990s, maybe it was   Continue reading