Southern Wyoming . . . Seriously?

I don’t think it’s a secret that there are mountains in southern Wyoming, but I was surprised to see how green it can be just 30 miles, or so, west of Laramie in the Medicine Bow Mountains and the Snowy Range.  After our departure from the town of Saratoga, after our North Platte River trip (see previous blog post), we continued our trip on WY-130 heading east towards Laramie.

Our first stop was at Lake Marie. As you can see from the photos there is snow on those peaks in late July. There are two parking areas at either end of the lake and we stopped at the one further west. There were plenty of visitors and the parking area was nearly full.

View at Lake Marie Parking Area

View at Lake Marie Parking Area

Lake Marie

Lake Marie

WY-130 at Lake Marie

WY-130 at Lake Marie

Further east is a sort of rock   Continue reading


Upper North Platte River Float – Wyoming

The Colorado, Green, White and Gunnison rivers are all rivers close to home and good for multi-day float trips. However, there is one other river with similar characteristics which the other river rats have floated but, I had not . . . the North Platte River. The North Platte River section they float, in Wyoming, begins north of Saratoga and ends at Interstate Highway, I-80. Take a look at the Upper North Platte River Float Map for more information. The listed brochure also has some good detailed information. You’ll especially want to note the boundaries of private and public land. As is typical in southern Wyoming, there is a checkerboard pattern   Continue reading

Music Pass to Sand Creek Lakes – Backpacking/Fishing

Music Pass

Music Pass, Looking West

Perception . . . . kind of an interesting thing. I’ve been backpacking into Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountains since 1993 and that first trip was over Music Pass. In all these years my perception has been that it’s pretty dry down there. When I mentioned this to long-time backpacking buddy and former co-worker Jeff, he looked at me funny and said, “Are you kidding? It always rains here.”.  As I thought about the many trips, and most of them with my three sons, I’d have to admit, yes, it does rain   Continue reading

Kayaking Video

I finally went over to YouTube and created an account. The idea is to post and share GoPro video taken on various kayaking trips. I’m not a whitewater kayaker, so it’s not as if you’ll see some incredibly dangerous stunts similar to the ones you can already find there. Instead, these are either on rivers or lakes in Colorado and Utah to show conditions and scenery . . . oh, and there’s a few little rapids for fun. My YouTube Channel is ColdwaterPaddler. Check it out.

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