Annual Rampart Camp/Kayak

Our annual group camping trip to Rampart Reservoir resumed this this last weekend. I say resumed because the Forest Service did not give much advanced notice as to the status of the campground last year, so we went to Lathrop State Park instead. The 2012 Waldo Canyon fire closed the campground, but this year it was clear early on, that it would be open.

I took vacation time on Friday and we arrived at Rampart mid-day. Jeff was already there with the camper, so we pulled right up and unloaded our gear. We set-up our hammock and relaxed in the mild temps, light breezes and sunshine. After some rest we walked the trail down to the reservoir.

Relaxing at Camp

Relaxing at Camp

Arriving later would be 10 other people spread out   among our 4 reserved campsites in the Thunder Ridge Campground. Most everybody else began arriving after 5PM.

Some of us stayed up a little too late on Friday night (2AM), but the early sun woke us up and got us going early. Curt and Diana took their Tracker motor boat out first, but Jeff’s kayak and canoe and my two kayaks were on the water only a little while later.

Jeff and Mitz got a new Golden Retriever recently and they thought it would be a good time to see how Zeke would like being in a canoe. It was pretty shaky as he wanted to jump out regularly. After 15 minutes or so, they came back in and Mitz took Zeke, while Jeff jumped in his kayak and Arun and his son got in the canoe. Arun wants to attend one of the annual Guys Canoe trips and I invited him up to practice paddling a canoe. He and his son had a great time.

Jeff and Mitz taking out Zeke

Jeff and Mitz taking out Zeke

Arun and son

Arun and son

Will and Boys in Canoe with Diana and Brad in the Tracker Behind Them

Will and Boys in Canoe with Diana and Brad in the Tracker Behind Them

Though it threatened to rain in the evening all of the storms managed to pass us by and allowed us to have the campfire and eat dinner without getting wet.

Sunday morning was calm. We packed up camp and drove over to the boat ramp area and launched our boats. The water was very calm and pleasant for paddling. Today there were quite a few power boats but a surprisingly large number of kayakers. But, the lake is large and it was kind of fun talking to different boaters as we passed them out on the water.

Calm Water at Rampart

Calm Water at Rampart

Around noon we got off the water, loaded up the boats and headed home.

I’m not a huge fan of staying in campgrounds and all that, but it is lots of fun to do every now-and-then. Quite a nice weekend.

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