South Catamount Reservoir – Paddling

It was Saturday morning, sunny and a little breezy. Seemed like a nice day to go for a paddle, especially because I twisted my knee playing street hockey the week before and it was still too sore for any serious hiking. Sometimes I wonder if, at age 50, I should quit playing street hockey but then I conclude that as long as I don’t seriously hurt myself I’m probably okay. The first time I hurt my other knee was on a backpacking trip, so I just don’t think I can stop doing everything just to avoid injury.

Anyway, we loaded up my little boat, a 13 foot Mill Creek with the wood strip deck, and Lisa’s Sea Island Sport sit-on-top. Both are boats I built a few years ago from kits available from Chesapeake Light Craft. If you look at some of my older posts you can see the boats during the building stages. For this trip we also planned to take Jeff’s Mill Creek 13 as well, and as this would be the first time I would try to carry three kayaks on my truck, I spent a little extra time figuring out the placement of the J-type and gunwale holders for my Yakima rack.

Chevy Avalanche with 3 Kayaks

Chevy Avalanche with 3 Kayaks

We picked up Jeff and successfully loaded his kayak, then headed to South Catamount Reservoir in the Pikes Peak Recreation Area. When arriving  at the entrance on the Pike’s Peak Highway the person at the window told us there we white caps on the lakes. We were a little concerned but decided to give it a try anyway.

We drove up to Crystal Creek Reservoir and sure enough there were white caps, so we continued on to South Catamount. It was significantly more calm on the section closest to the road, but away from the dam. We paddled for a  bit and stopped for lunch in one of the coves.

Lunch Break at South Catamount Reservoir

Lunch Break at South Catamount Reservoir







Peaceful Cove at South Catamount

Peaceful Cove at South Catamount


I brought the Mill Creek this day because I planned to do some fishing and I much prefer to fish out of this boat instead of the sea kayak as it is more stable when casting, etc. Sadly I caught no fish, while Jeff who was using the same fishing set-up caught six. Several of them were caught when he was paddling right behind me. Oh, well.


Eventually I paddle around to the extents of the reservoir, but around 2PM the skies began to look threatening, so we loaded up the boats and headed home. While the Peak lakes are not especially large they are fairly close to home so it makes for an easy outing. Glad we went.

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