Kayaking after work – Pueblo

One of my co-workers laments that he’d like to get out on his jetski more often, so I suggested we try to get out once a week to one of the lakes within an hour’s drive. We’ve been talking about this since last summer. Since June and July have the longest days, now is the time to act. Today was our first attempt and it worked out nicely.

We headed down to Pueblo Reservoir in Pueblo Colorado which is about an hour drive from work. I pulled his jetski on a trailer behind my truck and loaded my sea kayak on top of the truck. Pueblo reservoir has two marinas and we put in at the north marina.

Pueblo Reservoir's North Marina

Pueblo Reservoir’s North Marina

The air temp was warm  and the water was warm as well, so no dry suit for me today.  I wore my neoprene boots, NRS Hydroskin pants and NRS Wavelite shirt and it was almost too warm.

The wind was a little brisk at times but no so much that it wasn’t a pleasant paddle. I mostly needed to be mindful of Tom zipping by on that crazy-fast jetski and the waves it generated. He had been having some issues with the jetski’s performance as it is supercharged and it wasn’t generating maximum boost. Seems he working that out.

Crazy-fast Jetski

Crazy-fast Jetski

I remembered to turn on the GPS this time and it showed 4 miles round trip. I love getting out on the water . . . there’s just something about it that’s difficult to explain.

While the skies were partly sunny in Pueblo it rained a bit in Colorado Springs. Lucky us!

Sea Kayak in Pueblo Reservoir

Sea Kayak in Pueblo Reservoir

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