Don’t let the weather . . .

Don’t the let the weather run your life. Or, so the saying goes. Sometimes I forget this and don’t do things because the weather forecast says it’s going to rain, or I look outside and it looks cloudy and not even close to ideal.

Earlier in the week we decided to go for a paddle on Rampart Reservoir on Saturday, but the forecast was rain and the skies were cloudy on Saturday morning. I wasn’t feeling like I wanted to go, but I hoped that if I just got to loading the boats my attitude would change. And, it worked. Also, knowing that the weatherman isn’t always correct, we decided to give it a try anyway.

When we arrived were rewarded with mild temps and light breezes. Once out on the lake we paddled past some friends in a motor boat who were returning from a morning of fishing.

Rampart reservoir with Pikes Peak

Rampart reservoir with Pikes Peak


We paddled in and out of coves for an hour or so and found  a nice spot to stop and get out. I brought the little backpacking stove I repaired last summer and boiled water and cooked hot dogs.

Picnic at Rampart Reservoir

Picnic at Rampart Reservoir


After we were finished with lunch we paddled around for another hour or so and headed back towards shore. Meanwhile the wind picked up, which added some small waves, and the sky got a little darker, but it still didn’t rain. On our way back out of the park we stopped by our motorboat friend’s camper and talked for a while.

You may have heard of the Waldo Canyon Fire which burned near Colorado Springs, including several hundred homes in Colorado Springs back in 2012. The fire burned part of the Rampart Reservoir as well, but not as much as we feared.

Thunder Ridge Campground after Fire

Thunder Ridge Campground after Fire


It seems they managed to save the campgrounds, but you can see some of the damage in the photo. We’re glad we went and it was a nice day.

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