Snowshoeing Mueller State Park – Preacher’s Hollow

We got some nice snow yesterday (Friday). Probably 3 or 4 inches here in the Springs, so we figured it would be a nice snowshoeing day up in the mountains. We headed up to Mueller State Park, (this is the link but it seems to be broken today: The roads were a little sloppy as the sun melts the snow nicely on the highway even though the air temp was only 26F. Once in the park we stopped at the Preacher’s Hollow trailhead, which is trail number 4 on the map.

Turned out to be a gorgeous day with a few clouds, plenty of sunshine and with the effort of hiking it actually felt hot. Halfway through the trip I was hiking in a sweater and no gloves.










At one point I decided to hike through some deep snow and fell  into a small tree well. These are not normally a problem, though several years ago I was snowboarding at Steamboat Springs two days after a snowboarding instructor fell face first into a large one and suffocated. Very sad. Fortunately, my fall was just kind of silly.

Falling into a tree well

Falling into a tree well








Lisa and I agreed it was a near perfect day for snowshoeing.








On the return home we finally stopped at The Wines of Colorado, which is at the intersection of US 24 and Pikes Peak Highway. I had a Chicken Pot Pie, which, for some reason, after snowshoeing earlier, just sounded good. We bought a bottle of wine for later and headed home.



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