Castlewood Canyon State Park – Hike

I awoke Friday morning, December 27th to some beautiful sunny weather. The high was expected to be in the upper 50’s maybe even reaching 60. I grabbed my shotgun, some shells and a mug of coffee and headed out to the Izaak Walton League shooting range to meet some friends for a round of sporting clays. With little breeze, lots of sunshine and the already warm temps by 10AM we were shedding our coats in no time at all and had a good time walking the course. Afterwards, we met up with some other guys who were shooting at the trap range. We talked for a bit and then decided to shoot a round of skeet. I’ve never been particularly good a skeet, but I always enjoy the challenge. I shot a 15 out of 25, which for me is pretty good. I think I have a tendency to over think skeet so it takes a bunch of misses before I get my mind “right’. Just as we’re finishing the skeet round, I get a text from Lisa, “How about a hike in Castlewood Canyon State park this afternoon?”. I reply, with a “sounds good” and head home.

I’ve never been to Castlewood Canyon State Park even though it’s not all that far from Colorado Springs. It’s basically east of Castle Rock, Colorado which means we can take State Highway 83 from Colorado Springs for 30 to 40 minutes right to the entrance.

The parking lot is up higher at the rim and most of the hikes traverse down into the canyon. The hiking, by Colorado standards, is easy . .  in my opinion.

Castlewood Canyon SP at the top

Castlewood Canyon SP at the top

Once down near the bottom and in the shaded areas, we encountered packed snow and ice on and off trail. The creek which I believe is called Cherry Creek was  frozen on the surface, though we could hear it flowing beneath.

Near the bottom and creek crossing

Near the bottom and creek crossing

Creek at Castlewood Canyon SP

Creek at Castlewood Canyon SP

There is a concrete walkway along part of the rim, suitable for people using wheel chairs or for people who have problems hiking on uneven ground.

Castlewood Canyon SP Sign

If you’re looking for solitude, especially during this Christmas and New Years season, this is probably not the place for you as there were a lot of people hiking around. Never-the-less we were glad to get out to a new place.

We had a pleasant drive and an even more pleasant hike around the park.

On the way back we got a text that some friends were heading over to Old Chicago’s north for happy hour . . . perfect timing. We got there at 4:55PM and enjoyed a couple hours of conversation, a couple of beers and some food. Well, c’mon. We NEEDED to replace all of those calories we just burned off, right? HA!

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