Wyoming, September 2013 – Pronghorn Hunt

Since 1992 I try to head up to Wyoming to go antelope (pronghorn) hunting. Hunters are required to apply for licenses, so I don’t draw every year. Lately, I’ve been pretty successful in the draw, and the hunt. There is a saying we like to say about Wyoming that goes, “There’s only two things in Wyoming . .  wind and antelope”. For the last few years we were fortunate to avoid the wind part of that saying, however this year it was back with a vengeance. We camp in a 12×14 foot canvas wall tent with no floor. There were times I was surprised that the tent was still standing.

Windy Wyoming

Windy Wyoming

All three of my sons made it up to Wyoming this year and it made for an enjoyable trip. It is quite interesting to see how they act in the middle of nowhere Wyoming without TVs, sports, video games and even cell service. Free from those distractions, we have some interesting conversations and I’m quite pleased with how they’re growing into men.

The plains of Wyoming are the kind of place many people would love to skip. Admittedly, there’s not a lot out there, but somehow I find the place wonderful. I was saddened to see wind turbines erected just 5 or so miles south of my long-time hunting area. Sure. It’s got to be a good place for the things, given the windiness of the area, but it literally made my stomach hurt when I saw them for the first time. Progress . . . .

Wyoming Plains

Wyoming Plains

Overall, it was a very nice trip. Our group was 2 for 4.

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