21st Annual Turkey Bowl – 2013

Way back in 1993 I began organizing a flag football game on the day after Thanksgiving Day. I’ve held it every year since. Only one guy, Mike, who played that first year, and who also helped organize it, still played this year. Over the years we’ve had as few as 6 players and as many as 24, we’ve tried touch, but returned to flags, and even tried playing on the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day one year. This year we had 18 players and many of the players were only one or two years old when the annual event began. The oldest player was 61 years old while the youngest was 13.

Paul kicks off as Ryan looks on

Paul kicks off as Ryan (left) looks on

Ready to snap the ball

Ready to snap the ball

Oh, yeah . . . my team won this year 4 touchdowns to 2. Ryan our center defensive player intercepted 6 times which helped enormously. I think he returned one for a touchdown and my son Paul who intercepted two, returned both of them for touchdowns. Everybody seemed to have a good time.

We played for an hour and 45 minutes with only one water break. Oh boy, am I sore today!

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Turkey Bowl XXI - Group

Turkey Bowl XXI – Group

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