Paddle Dillon Reservoir – 2013

Got a late start on a beautiful day, but we did get into Dillon Reservoir before noon. It was hot in the Springs at 90 degrees, but a pleasant mid-seventies in the mountains, especially after the clouds rolled in.

Paddling Friends at Dillon

Paddling Friends at Dillon


We put in at the Blue River inlet to the lake which is between Breckenridge and Frisco on State Highway 9. Lisa and I decided to take the tandem kayak, a Chesapeake Light Craft, Mill Creek 16.5 which I built 5 or so years ago, so we could also take another couple and their canoe in our Chevy Avalanche. The lake is host to the highest elevation yacht club in the country , though we were  still surprised to see so many sailboats. Reminded me of my Sea Scout days in high school, sailing on Lake Michigan. A sailboat would be nice, but there aren’t a lot of places to sail in Colorado.

Mill Creek 16.5

Mill Creek 16.5





Paddling Lake Dillon

Paddling Lake Dillon






As we paddled closer to the Frisco Marina we stopped for lunch on the shore. It was a pretty peaceful place to stop and watch the sailboats.


Relaxing at Dillon

Relaxing at Dillon












On the return trip we stopped at Breckenridge Brewery for some beer and dinner.

Though I’ve driven past Dillon many, many times on my way to Copper Mountain to go snowboarding or skiing or on my way to soccer matches or to other canoe/kayak trips, etc. this was the first time I’ve had a boat in the water. It is a nice place to paddle and I look forward to going again.

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