Cheyenne Mountain State Park – 2013

State Park Entrance

State Park Entrance

I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for over 20 years and in 2006 there was a new state park created on the south side of town, right across from the Gate 1 entrance for Fort Carson. However, I’d never been there. I’ve driven past the Colorado State Highway  115 entrance may times on my way to other destinations, but today my wife and I decided to go  down for a little day hike and have a look around.

There are a number of small campgrounds at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Most seem to accommodate RVs and tents and have running water and electrical. Since this is a new park, the facilities (restrooms, showers, laundry) are very nice. In fact, they almost seem over-the-top.

The trail system allows hikers, runners and mountain bikers, but not pets. Which is nice if you’re a mountain biker, I suppose. Less to worry about. If you’re a beginner-to-intermediate mountain biker, from somewhere other than Colorado Springs, I think it would be a nice weekend destination. I’m pretty sure you could bike the whole park in a weekend. The trails were easy to moderate, with nothing very steep.

Hiking Cheyenne Mountain State park

Hiking Cheyenne Mountain State park

We encountered 2 runners, 1 mountain biker and 4 hikers on the Blackmer Loop, which seemed like nothing considering today is Labor Day. The parks person at the visitor center told us that given the south facing slopes snow doesn’t stay around long enough in the winter to be useful for snow-shoeing. Nice place though. Might have to go back with the mountain bike.

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Cheyenne Mountain in the Background

Cheyenne Mountain in the Background


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