Climbing – Independence Day, 2013

I went climbing today, since it is a holiday, with my two younger sons (19 and 21) at an indoor climbing center. I began climbing a couple years ago, but hadn’t done much over the last 18 months. It was a struggle and my hands are really sore. My sons are ridiculously strong and I was impressed with the ease at which they climb.
I need to get stronger and it wouldn’t hurt if I lost 20 pounds either. My left arm is weaker than my right and I’m finding that most all of the problems seemed to move to the right, meaning I need to pull up with my left to reach with my right . . . very difficult. My 21-year-old is very good at teaching technique, when asked, and gave me few pointers which also helped me get past a few problem areas. Still, it was challenging and a good workout.


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