Crystal Reservoir – Peak Lakes, May 18th 2013

Got out in May for a little paddling. I decided to go to a nearby lake called Crystal Reservoir, not to be confused with another Crystal in Colorado out near the Black canyon of the Gunnison. This one is one of many reservoirs which capture snow-melt runoff from Pike’s Peak, with this one being on the north side close to Woodland Park. I believe the water is mainly used to supply fresh drinking water to Colorado Springs. I met my outdoor friend Jeff up there and he fished for several hours catching about a dozen trout. We expected to be driven off the lake since the weather forecast indicated high winds and rain, but to our satisfaction the wind was only a light breeze and there was no rain at all. We stayed out until late afternoon and made it home in time for dinner.

Fishing Crystal

Fishing Crystal



One comment on “Crystal Reservoir – Peak Lakes, May 18th 2013

  1. fishermanbond says:

    What a lovely location. Gotta love a fish in weather like that.


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