Morrow Point Reservoir, Colorado


Back in May I went on a weekend trip to Morrow Point Reservoir. This is the reservoir immediately downstream of the much larger Blue Mesa Reservoir, west of Gunnison, Colorado. Morrow Point Reservoir is a pretty narrow body of water and is home to the Curecanti Needle, which was used by the Denver & Rio Grande railroad in it’s logo.

To get to the reservoir you need to carry your boat down 200 steps into the canyon. And, of course, you need to carry it back out as well. I didn’t find it all that difficult and tried to be patient during the hike with my 17 foot sea kayak.

The water in many of Colorado Reservoirs is very cold and to prepare for this trip I bought a dry top and dry pants. The canyon walls are very steep as well so if you need to exit your kayak or other boat you may not find a good place, or any place, to get out of the water.

A co-worker and I paddled for a couple of hours, stopped and ate lunch at Curecanti Creek Trail, and then paddled back to the put-in at Pine Creek.

We saw two other people, who were paddling a canoe, the entire trip, so the seclusion was nice. My friend also did some fishing from his kayak and caught a c0uple of very nice trout.

Check out this link for more info:

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