Missouri River Canoe Trip 2011

Edited/updated 07AUG2015.

I took a trip to Montana this summer (July 2011) with my three sons and a friend. We floated/paddled down the Missouri River Between Loma and Judith Landing. The 4 day adventure left us wanting to return for another trip. I’ve been attending some other canoe trips over the last few years, and really enjoy them. We use our backpacking equipment and combine it with boating for a great time. The water level was high this year due to above average snowfall in the northern Rockies, which left many people too scared to float the river. It worked out great for us as the water wasn’t as fast as most feared and there was almost no one on the river.

To plan this trip I bought a copy of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Boater’s Guide. This is a really good book and well worth the money. It has the river broken down very nicely, page-by-page, and shows all of the Lewis and Clark camps from 1805 and 1806. I also used the Paddling Montana book as a reference.

We arrived in the evening of July 9th at Wood Bottom (near Loma) and camped at the boat launch area. When we woke, early, on the 10th we realized just how high the water really was. We called the boat rental service who delivered the extra canoe needed, right to us.

The login box was out in the water due to the high water level

The login box was out in the water due to the high water level

We set out on the first leg of the trip which   Continue reading