Mill Creek Progress

Here is a recent photo of the Mill Creek 13 I’m building. It is similar in design the 16.5 foot boat I built last summer, except I put a cedar-strip deck on this one.The kids really like it. Since the photo, I’ve installed the cockpit coaming so I’ll have a new photo soon. The flush-mount hatch kit arrived today, so I have to actually cut holes in the deck . . . . waaaah!


3 comments on “Mill Creek Progress

  1. Blake says:

    Just gorgeous Mill Creek 13! I am refinishing my Mill Creek 16.5 and had to take the old plywood deck off. I plan to use cedar strips for the deck. Did you build the deck in-place? Is the underside sealed or glassed?


    • sklcolorado says:

      The deck is built on the boat, glassed and then removed. If I remember correctly, I glassed both sides. Then you glue the deck onto the boat. The reason is as follows. To get the deck to the correct shape, I made a series of forms which are hot-glued to the shear clamps. I used some scrap wood, like MDF or plywood. Use your original curved templates which you used to shape the shearclamps to get the correct shape for the deck. What I did was make each form fit into the specific location in the boat, and then using the template, transferred the arc onto the form. I removed it from the boat and cut it out on a bandsaw (or you can use a jig saw). If I remember correctly, there is a template for the bow half and a different one for the stern half. Place the supports about a foot apart. Once all of them are installed, apply packing tape on top of all of them and the shearclamps. Next you make the deck in place while on the boat shell stapling the strips to the forms and shearclamps. I used staples on this deck, while on the Redbird canoe I went staple-less. Once the gluing is done and you’ve sanded it to the final finish, you apply the glass and epoxy. Then you remove the deck and apply glass to the bottom side of the deck. Once it’s done you remove all of the tape and epoxy the deck onto the boat shell at the shearclamps, etc. I went back through my old photos and I’ll post a few.


    • sklcolorado says:

      I added a new post on the woodstrip process. Reviewing the photos from 7 years ago helped me remember more accurately how things really worked, so please read the post. Thanks for the compliment, it was a very satisfying build. CLC had it on their catalog for a couple of years, which made it even more fun! As you might notice from some of my other posts, I take that MC13 all over the place. I’ve got a Mill Creek 16.5 like you, but I built it before the 13 and went with the stock deck.


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