Arkabutla Lake

Uhmmm, yeah. Arkabutla Lake. What can I say, weird name, nice place, about 30 minutes southwest of Olive Branch. It was a beautiful day with a pleasant breeze. We did a little fishing and a little boating and ate lunch with family. Does it get any better than that?

On our way out of the park we stopped to fish at the dam outlet and Paul and Luke both caught an Alligator Gar. We’ve never seen one of those before. We didn’t keep them to eat, because we’re pretty sure they don’t taste all that good.

Downstream of the dam at Arkabutla Lake

Downstream of the dam at Arkabutla Lake

Paul with an alligator gar

Paul with an alligator gar

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Wolf River, Tennessee

On Wednesday, Joshua, Paul and I paddled the Ghost River section of the Wolf River in Tennessee. It’s about an hour from Olive Branch.

We put in just south of LaGrange and the take-out is at the Bateman Bridge.

The put-in on the Wolf River

The put-in on the Wolf River

The river was very narrow in spots . . . even more so than in the photos, to the point that you couldn’t get the paddle out next to you.   Continue reading

Downtown Memphis

We took a trip to downtown Memphis and visited the Civil Rights Museum located at the Lorraine Motel where MLK was killed. Unfortunately it is CLOSED on TUESDAYS! Then we went to the Gibson guitar factory and store for a look around. Then a couple blocks down to Beale Street for lunch . . . catfish and shrimp. Then to Mud Island where they have a scale model of the entire Mississippi River. Pretty cool.


Loaded up for anything

A couple of months ago we picked up the front clip of a Lotus sports car for Lisa’s cousin, Frank, who lives in Atlanta. The plan was to carry it to Olive Branch, Mississippi where Lisa’s brother lives and meet Frank there. Here we are in Mississippi with the kayaks and Lotus still loaded on June 7th. Having the kayaks on top of the truck seems to reduce our gas mileage by 3-4 MPG. On the way there we stayed overnight at a hotel in North Little Rock, Arkansas and unloaded the Lotus and kept it in one of the two hotel room we stayed in.