This Winter’s Read

This winter’s read was given to me by Luke for Christmas. It’s John Adams by David McCullough and is quite a good read. I’m nearly half way through it and I have to say that once again I find it quite interesting to learn about earlier days and experiences through letters, diaries and events, and how it helps explain the things we experience today relating to people and countries. Adams’ description of France was quite interesting, and the trying times with Franklin and others, including Jefferson, surprises me that America is a country at all. One might correctly describe the “Colonies” as mere pawns in a game between the French and the British. If you’ve got the time, give it a try.


One comment on “This Winter’s Read

  1. Diane L says:

    i love to read history too, but i tend to lean toward the journals of those who traveled on trails to the west, usually the Oregon trail. but i know what you mean by reading letters and diaries, it’s fascinating. (i think it’s because they speak so “every day” about things and we’re like, “what?!”)


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