How Much???

I checked the precious metal prices today and was a little surprised to see gold solidly over $925 an ounce. Silver was at $16.60 and platinum was an astonishing $1710.00! For comparison, I think that I paid around $280, $4.90, and $470.00 respectively back in 2001.

Adams Completed

I finished the John Adams book today and it has been a very enjoyable read. You really feel you have a sense of this man and even his wife Abigail because the author uses so many of his letters of which number in the thousands! He rekindled his friendship with Jefferson in his later years and so you get some good insight into Jefferson as well. In that time Jefferson was considered the “pen” of the Declaration of Independence, while Adams was the “voice”. In 1826 the two Presidents and Charles Carroll of Maryland were the only singers of the Declaration still alive. And as fate would have it, Jefferson and Adams died within hours of each other on July 4th, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the historic birth of our country.

This Winter’s Read

This winter’s read was given to me by Luke for Christmas. It’s John Adams by David McCullough and is quite a good read. I’m nearly half way through it and I have to say that once again I find it quite interesting to learn about earlier days and experiences through letters, diaries and events, and how it helps explain the things we experience today relating to people and countries. Adams’ description of France was quite interesting, and the trying times with Franklin and others, including Jefferson, surprises me that America is a country at all. One might correctly describe the “Colonies” as mere pawns in a game between the French and the British. If you’ve got the time, give it a try.