Another try….

Well, we found out this week that a youth elk license can be used in extended seasons without having to pay any additonal fees or anything like that. So, Luke an I headed down to Salida on Friday night. It started snowing pretty heavy about half way between Texas Creek and Cotopaxi on US-50. It was snowing all the way to Salida and if you think that the drive looks nice during the summer you should see it covered in snow dring the winter! We stayed there two nights and even used an outdoor hot tub at the Days Inn (the same one Dad stayed at this last summer). Luke thought that it was really weird, though really nice, to be outdoors in a swimsuit, soaking in a hot tub when it was snowing and 30 degrees. We hunted on Saturday and Sunday on the other side of Poncha Pass near the town of Saguache (pronounced sawatch). The photo shows how much snow hiked in on Saturday as we followed some fairly fresh tracks. Earlier that the morning we used our snow shoes. The tracks looked like they were going downhill so we hunted lower after that. Near dark on Saturday I saw an elk about a mile away and on Sunday some deer, but didn’t get an elk. We plan to hunt another area closer to home on the 29th.