Fiddling Around

Yep, what you see is what I got. I figured that since I know how to play mandolin and Diane has a banjo, I might as well learn how to play violin. But, get this. This thing cost just 98 bucks! Delivered to my front door. With the bow and case and rosin. Made in China, of course, and designed in Germany, I had a luthier friend of mine check it out and his words were: “I’m impressed”. I still want to get a banjo one of these days, but first . . . onward with the violin.

Portable music

Over thanksgiving weekend, I made a box for some audio equipment. The idea was to take the 4 pieces of equipment I like to use and put them in a box, instead of on the desk and be able to use them anywhere in the house. Included in the box are my Zoom drum machine, Behringer 10 channel mixer, Alesis MicroVerb, and Electrix Loop Repeater . . . and power of course. Now, when I can’t find anybody who wants to play some music and have a beer, I can sit in the living room, quickly record some chords and then play along with my guitar, mandolin, bass, violin, or drums. Once I got it hooked up the other day I quickly remembered how enjoyable it is to play music with other instruments. As you can see from the photo it still needs some finishing work.

15th Annual Turkey Bowl

Well, I held the 15th annual Turkey Bowl flag football game today. It was about 25 degrees at game time and I think the low temps kept some of the players at home. My team, with Luke and Paul, won this year. It was a lot of fun and since we dressed well we kept quite warm. I’m all ready aching a bit, but no one got injured so we’ll all be fine in a few days. Lot’s of laughs due to the snow and somewhat slippery conditions. On one drive, Paul dove for a a catch, got up, and scrambled for a touchdown. Luke scored on a nice catch in the endzone and I intercepted one and ran it back for a touchdown. Everyone had a blast.

Elk Camp 2007

Well, it was a bit dry during elk hunting season this year and no one in our group had a successful hunt. We saw two groups of elk but were unable to stalk them well enough to get into position for a shot. In the photo Luke, Paul, and one of the other hunters in our group made a blind up on Minnie mountain. They had fun, as did all of us, as you can see. I think that they especially liked missing school for a week. Better luck next year.