SPD is being sold!

Well, the Storage Products Division for which I work has announced that it is being sold by Vitesse (check it out on Yahoo!). Maxim will be oour new employer. Of course, nobody knows who will employed by the new company and who will be out of a job. More to come……….

Another Kayak????

Well, we’ve started on another kayak. Yep, that’s right. This one is called a Mill Creek 16.5 and is a tandem. Unlike my sea kayak with a keyhole cockpit, it has a sort of rectangular cockpit, and is a bit taller and wider. Think of it as a cross between a sea kayak and a canoe. Here the boys are stitching the bilge panels to the bottom.

AC Milan Soccer trainers

As a special treat, my boys soccer team got to have several AC Milan soccer club trainers/scouts run a training session with them today. It turns out that a coach in the Corinthians club, for whom I coach, has connections to the the club in Milan, Italy. It was pretty interesting and the kids seemed to enjoy having them out for the 2 hour session. They were in Canada for a week and then the USA for a week before they head back to Italy this Saturday.