Backyard fix-up

Well, Saturday evening Lisa and I went out and bought some patio furniture for the deck. Our old stuff was green plastic and the Colorado sun really beats it up after several years. We put it out on the deck on Saturday night, but on Sunday morning we went out there and realized the deck needed some sanding. So, we went and rented a floor sander and sanded the whole deck and stained it. Today (Monday) we put the furniture back on it and it looks and feels much better. Wish I’d done this – – BEFORE – – Dad and Shirley, and Diane and Norb and family came out to visit! It’s nice to have a morning coffee out there . . . or lay in the hammock in the evening. In the photo you can see that a section of the deck railing is missing by the hammock. That’s where one of the poplar tree sections came down. Ooops!!!

2 comments on “Backyard fix-up

  1. Diane L says:

    oh sure NOW you do the deck. i see how this goes…


  2. Steven L says:

    Well . . . I guess you just need to come on back so you can relax on a comfy summer evening sipping a cosmopolitan or something similar. Shall we make some reservations for you?


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