Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

The weather was quite nice at Mesa Verde (of course it’s Colorado) and there were plenty of camping spots. .

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

We left Grandpa (my father) at Capitol Reef while we went to Arches. He had plans to go to Goblin Valley State Park. Just by chance he changed his plans and we ran into him in the parking lot and spent the day hiking around. .

Dry Lakes ’07

Well, we went back to Dry Lakes in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado this last weekend (June 23rd and 24th). We left from Vitesse at about 4:50PM and arrived at the trailhead around 7PM. We hit the trail 20 minutes later after meeting up with a couple of other guys we’ve hiked with before. Joshua and his friend Taylor and then Luke and Paul also attended this excursion. We hiked for and hour when, while lagging a bit behind the others I spotted a black bear crossing the trail in front of me. It was dark brown from the ribs back and cinnamon or blonde forward. It’s the first time I’ve come accross a bear while hiking. It was pretty spooked I guess and it ran away pretty fast. We found a suitable camp spot just at dusk, though we were still more than a mile and a half from the lakes. The next day we hiked to the lakes and spent all day fishing and . . . napping. A very relaxing and peaceful place as no one else was there. Jeff caught somewhere upwards of 20 fish while the rest of us each caught around 10. Since we went about a month earlier than last year there was still plenty of snow on the way up to the lakes and in some areas around the lakes (elevation 11,800 feet). We also camped Saturday night and ate some trout for dinner, foil wrapped and cooked in the fire. I did some volunteer trail clearing on Sunday morning and we headed out by noon. Of course we stopped at Sonic in Canon City for shakes and burgers on the way home.

Family Vacation to Utah

Thursday through Monday, June 14- June 18 we went on a family vacation to Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, Monumnet Valley, Four Corners and Mesa Verde National Park. It was a short time, but we were able to see a lot. 1500 miles and 83 gallons of gas (according to the truck guage), one hotel stay and three camping nights made for a pretty inexpensive vacation. In the attached photo, Joshua dangles his feet over a 300 foot cliff at Capitol Reef. One other neat thing was that we were able to meet up with my father at Capitol Reef. We each went our own way after that, but then by chance met up again at Natural Bridges. Pretty funny. Anyway, I’ll be adding some more photos soon. This weekend . . . . backpacking to Dry Lakes.