Poppin’ Caps

Well, I shot my first two rounds of trap today at the shooting range. In the first round I shot a 21 and in the second I shot a 20. Not too bad considering I was shooting so poorly last summer. We’re not in the league, though we discussed it. For now, it’s just to get out, pop a few caps, have a beer and talk about work . . . or boating . . . or backpacking. Several of these guys are my hunting and backpacking buddies.

3 comments on “Poppin’ Caps

  1. Diane L says:

    beer and guns, a nice combo, hee hee 🙂 just kidding, i just know you’re goin to say how the beer FOLLOWED the shooting, sheesh. chill out, hee hee.


  2. Steven L says:

    Poppin’ cap could refer to opening beer bottles, which we did AFTERWARDS. But, in this case it refers to shooting shotguns.


  3. Diane L says:

    yeah yeah, poppin’ shmoppin’



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