007 . . . .Class of

Last night, May 23rd, was High School graduation for Joshua. They liked to call themselves the class of ‘007. Joshua and his best friend Max (valedictorian) graduated with honors, hence the gold overlay in the photo. Now, this is how you know you’re old.

Mother’s Day Trip to Rampart Reservoir

After we attended Joshua’s make-up soccer game on Mother’s Day Sunday, we all drove up to rampart reservoir, which is northwest of Colorado Springs, a picnic, mountain bike ride in the single-track around the reservoir and, of course, to put the kayak in the water. IT FLOATS! That’s a relief. Lisa wasn’t confident enough to take it for a spin, but I think that she will be sometime in the future.

The kayak is ready!

After the Castle Rock game on Saturday we came home and I put the rest of the deck rigging on the kayak and installed the seat bottom. Yahoo! ready for the water. I spent the rest of the day trying to get the right roof rack setup to carry the kayak on the truck. By the end of the day I was ready.

Castle Rock Soccer match

This week the U13 team took on the Castle Rock Elite soccer team. The outcome was only marginally better than last week, losing 7-1. At least the other team was mostly our size. We’re leaving un-marked opponents at the top of the penalty area who are taking open shots, and a few guys on offense are holding the ball too long and stalling our attack.

7th Grade Band Concert

Thursday May 10th was Paul’s end of the school year 7th Grade Band Concert. It was pretty good, especially the Pirates of the Carribbean song. They also played their contest songs. Two were quite good and two I didn’t care for much. Overall, good sound and pleasant to listen to. The 7th grade band sports 40 trumpets . . . gotta love that.

Poppin’ Caps

Well, I shot my first two rounds of trap today at the shooting range. In the first round I shot a 21 and in the second I shot a 20. Not too bad considering I was shooting so poorly last summer. We’re not in the league, though we discussed it. For now, it’s just to get out, pop a few caps, have a beer and talk about work . . . or boating . . . or backpacking. Several of these guys are my hunting and backpacking buddies.

Grand Junction Soccer

We traveled to Grand Junction last Friday night to play the U13 soccer team. We had hopes to get out of there by losing by only a few goals. Instead we got killed 10-0. Ouch! Nobody was happy traveling that far to get our butt’s kicked. Our opponent was a Premier level team which dropped to Classic and we were a 4-6-0 Challenge I team which moved up to Classic. Not a good combination. They were big AND fast. We looked like were playing in the wrong age group as they had 13 players at about 5’4″. You can see Paul in the photo, he is the smaller guy in the red shirt. His teammate, Jaxon, is probably the biggest kid on the team. Look at how big the blue team was.