Clamps . . . Please!!!

Over the weekend I glassed the deck, and last night I cut out the openings in the deck for the hatch covers. Tonight, I clamped on the supports for the rear hatch cover and the coaming rim and spacers (see photo). The coaming rim used all of the bar clamps and c-clamps I have totaling 23 clamps . . . most are borrowed. I also used 16 spring clamps to keep the hatch cover supports in place.

State Cup Roll Continues

Joshua’s team continued with State Cup soccer games this Sunday. They won by a score of 8-1. Here he is about to cross a ball to a forward.

Band competition

Paul’s middle school played in the local band competition last week. As I’ve mentioned before, they’re pretty good for 7th graders, and took 1’s for their marks. Here he is with fellow French Horn player and soccer teammate, Rahul. We have digital video and audio of their two songs, but I don’t know how to put 400Meg for each song out on this site.