It’s here!

Well, I received my sea kayak kit last Wednesday and started reviewing the plans. It’s a stitch-and-glue wooden sea kayak kit made by Chesapeake Light Craft. You can check out what it’s supposed to look like when it’s finished at Look for the Chesapeake 17LT. I plan to use it in place of early season backpacking trips when the snow and ice still clogs the high country trails and lakes. Places like Blue Mesa Reservoir ( boat-in-only campgrounds so I figure with the boys in a canoe(s) and me in a kayak we can put our usual backpacking gear in the boats and go camping and fishing. Maybe we could even get up to the Boundary Waters or Lake of the Woods in Minnesota some time. I made some special boat building saw horses this last weekend and have been working out how to keep my garage at the right temp for letting the epoxy cure. I’m almost ready to get going and will keep you all updated with photos as I move along.

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