Cut down that tree!

On Sunday we went out to cut down our Christmas tree in the Pike National Forest. Permits are $10 and the max trunk diameter is 6″.  Though the temperature was only in the 20’s the sun made it feel much warmer. So, with bluebird skies it was quite a nice day. We searched for over an hour and found a decent 13 foot tree.  We only had to haul it up one hill and then the walk was pretty easy. Check out the photos in the photo album Tree 2006. When we got it home we had to cut off about a foot to make it fit in the house with Lisa’s handmade angel on top. On the way back we stoped to eat at . . . . . . . . no, not at Sonic, but A&W this time. A fun day in the woods.


3 comments on “Cut down that tree!

  1. Diane L says:

    we too got our tree this Sunday–of course it wasn’t 13 feet! it is only about 6 maybe. we went to an organic tree farm (who knew they even existed??) and hiked around there for a bit–of course there weren’t any hills or anything here, it being the prairie state and all, but it was freezing–about 12. she’s a cute little tree though. i bet it would look like a shrimp next to yours though.

    handmade angel? i wanna handmade angel! 🙂


  2. Kathy C says:

    I have my artificial tree, since my husband doesn’t believe in cutting down trees for the sake of a month. I would not be able to fit a 12 ft tree in my house…maybe the stairwell going up to the kids rooms…bu then they wouldn’t be able to access that part of the house!!!!


  3. Steven L says:

    The beauty of cutting down the trees in the National Forest is that we look for two which are really close together, where one or both will prevent them from growing large. Foresters know that the larger trees, which are not allowed to be cut down, prevent the younger trees from growing very large, then die and create a lot of fuel for forest fires. It works out pretty well for everyone. They rotate the tree cutting areas every few years. Basically, we’re pruning the forest.


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